Why This Course?

The potential for power in Africa is exponential, with statistics indicating both growth in production and demand, the possibility of reducing power losses and adopting more sustainable power generation alternatives. A report by McKinsey found that Africa has the potential to install 1,600 gigawatts of solar power capacity, equivalent to half of the world’s current installed power capacity which also identified that Africa could save up to $40 billion per year by 2040 by improving the operational efficiency of existing power plants and reducing technical and commercial losses.

More than ever, organizations are relying on projects and project professionals to help them achieve such ambitious aspirations to deliver value to stakeholders and solve key pertinent issues in the continent and the world. Project management will be a vital mechanism for any organization that wants to achieve strategic business objectives in a structured, repeatable, and measurable way.

The Project Management Foundation course is a five-day practical interactive workshop that introduces you to foundational knowledge and skills in Project Management principles for planning, setting up, executing, monitoring, and evaluating projects. You will learn how to set realistic project objectives, prepare integrated project plans and create and oversee effective teams. You will also appreciate the basics of project metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for monitoring and reporting on project progress and performance. The program follows the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the global standard for the profession and project processes, accompanied by practical application through group exercises.

At the end of this course, you will have the option of enrolling on a PMP certification program to become an internationally recognised project manager.

What You Will Learn

  1. Gain knowledge on the fundamentals of project management practice according to the PMBOK principles.
  2. Learn how to set practical goals and baseline plans to ensure project success.
  3. Learn how to develop the integrated project plan and create a plan for monitoring and controlling your project.
  4. Learn how to break down a large project into manageable work packages through the application of WBS principles and the PPM framework.
  5. Learn how to protect your project planning baselines through risk management and stakeholder management practices.
  6. Understand key monitoring and evaluation practices:
    • Know the role of M&E in the project cycle
    • Developing and formulating M&E goals, objectives, frameworks, and plan
    • Setting up performance indicators and staying on track
  7. Acquire basics of applying agile and new Ways of Working on projects
  8. Learn how to build successful project teams through effective leadership, understanding team dynamics and communication
  9. Close and review project outcomes and document lessons learned.

*Continued learning for certification as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) and Project Management Professional (PMP®) through an Authorize Training Partner (ATP) with Project Management Institute (PMI) is available at an additional cost. *

Course Starts

March 25, 2024

Course Ends

March 29, 2024

Course Duration

5 Days


1000 USD

Registration Deadline

February 29, 2024

Target Participants

Monitoring and evaluation specialists; Project Managers; Project coordinators; Programme managers; Independent evaluators; Donor staff appraising and evaluating projects and programs; Non-governmental organization officials involved in monitoring and evaluating, Utilities and regulators; Project Management Office/Department staff.

AcademyLearning Approach & Outcome

Live Classes

This Course offers different interaction  and training levels depending on previous Knowledge, experience and time spent on the course.

Knowledge Hub

We offer a centralized aggregated data hub in the fields of Energy particularly in fields of electricity, gas and Petroleum, which are accessible to all participants.

Current & Customised Courses

This course is customised to the needs of the African Energy landscape and offers practical field applications for leaders and workers in the Energy sector.


We offer Certificates of achievement and keep records after our courses are completed which are fully verifiable online.