Oil and Gas Contracts Training-P001(A)

Course Overview:

This highly interactive Oil & Gas Contracts training course will provide its participants with valuable insight into the operations of the Oil and Gas Industry in a modern context. Oil and Gas contracts are the life blood of the industry and form the basis and foundation upon which the industry operates. This Oil & Gas Contracts training course will give participants a frame work within which to understand the rights and obligations of both host country and operators and how they are determined and set out in the oil and gas contracts. The legal principles involved in licencing, production sharing contracts, service contracts will be highlighted and discussed in order to provide a solid understanding of the legal basis for these contracts.

Further, the course will also cover sale and purchase and transportation contracts in use in the industry. Risk management in the oil and gas industry is essential and needs to be encapsulated in the contract clauses and this course will provide the fundamental knowledge of the essential risk management features that are in these contracts. Participants will get to understand investor protection in the oil and gas industry and how this can be achieved.

This comprehensive Oil & Gas Contracts training course will provide many opportunities for delegates to discuss to have interactive discussion and review case studies and discuss the various legal and regulatory aspects of these contracts. Participants will gain a true understanding of the legal underpinnings of the oil and gas contracts used around the world in the oil and gas sector.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
a) Master and comprehensively understand the legal principles of oil and gas contracts
b) Understanding in depth licensing, production sharing and service contracts
c) Identifying the risk factors and managing those risks through effective contractual clauses
d) Know the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks that are in the oil and gas industry
e) Learn how to use appropriate contractual clauses in oil and gas contracts
f) Appreciate the best dispute resolution methods and how it will apply it in different scenarios


  1. The Oil and Gas Legal and Contractual Issues in a Nutshell
  2. Oil and Gas Value Chain and Industry Players
  3. Principals of Oil and Gas Contracts
  4. Host Country’s Legal and Regulatory Framework and Fiscal Regime – Stabilization
  5. Commercial Terms in Licensing and Concession Agreements(ctn)
  6. Joint Operating Agreements (JOAs)
  7. Participation Agreements (Farm-in and Farm-out)
  8. Unitization and Unit Operating Agreements (UUOAs)
  9. Negotiating Production Sharing Contracts

Course Starts

September 16, 2024

Course Ends

September 20, 2024

Course Duration

5 Days, Entebbe, Uganda


1000 USD

Registration Deadline

August 19, 2024

Target Participants

Staff of Energy Ministries, Respective NRI's and Power Utilities

AcademyLearning Approach & Outcome

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