Licensing Energy Infrastructures

Course Overview:

This course aims to provide a solid understanding about Licensing in order to support the target audience to define the conditions that will be part of the licenses.

Course Outcomes

Participants understand and articulate the need for Licensing and its key components


The course will cover the following topics:
The course will cover the following topics:
a)Overview of licensing
b)Key Components of a License

Course Starts

October 23, 2023

Course Ends

October 27, 2023

Course Duration

5 Days


1000 USD

Registration Deadline

November 7, 2023

Target Participants

IT professionals, public servants working in the field of digitization and in the domain of integration of public services, i.e. IT developers, lawyers, Policy makers, Civil Servants, utilities, customers and regulators.

AcademyLearning Approach & Outcome

Live Classes

This Course offers different interaction  and training levels depending on previous Knowledge, experience and time spent on the course.

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This course is customised to the needs of the African Energy landscape and offers practical field applications for leaders and workers in the Energy sector.


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