Fundamentals of Geothermal projects Development

Course Overview:

Fundamental of the geothermal development program provides a unique and comprehensive program in understanding the geothermal value chain. It has been designed to provide knowledge to professionals working or intending to understand the economics of geothermal power projects, the field development processes and pipeline reticulation to power production. Geothermal resource is available in almost all countries in the Eastern Africa region. Tapping into this resource provides a baseload useful in filling the energy access gap and accelerating the electrification rate in the region.

Course Outcomes

The course will prepare the participants to understand the geothermal project production process and advance their knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Demonstrate basic technical and theoretical knowledge and skills in the geothermal supply chain;
  2. Apply skills and competencies in the development and implementation of large-scale geothermal projects, and;
  3.  Apply basic economic analysis of geothermal projects.


  • Economic analysis of geothermal projects
  • Understanding the fundamentals of geothermal field development; exploration, appraisal, production drilling and pipeline reticulation
  • Designing and managing the geothermal development projects
  • Understanding geothermal power plants
  • understanding geothermal direct-uses.

Course Starts

January 15, 2024

Course Ends

January 19, 2024

Course Duration

5 Days


1000 USD

Registration Deadline

January 5, 2024

Target Participants

The development of geothermal projects involves high capital outlay and requires proper project management. The training will target representatives from mainly the energy regulators, but also will be open to utilities, academia, research, industrial clusters, government, skills bodies and investors with genuine interest in supporting the transition to hydrogen-fueled economy

AcademyLearning Approach & Outcome

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