Financial Modelling and Analysis in Electricity and Petroleum Markets-G004(B)

Course Overview:

The aims to equip participants with enhanced understanding of the required practical and documents by all interested parties Project finance transaction in addition to providing analytical strategies and transaction structuring techniques for assess risks, resolve constraints, and reach project financial closure.

Course Outcomes

a) Techniques for managing and reaching project finance transaction commercial and financial closure attained
b) Understand key practical and transaction management requirements
c) Ability to oversee and direct PF transactions improved
d) Ability to Manage project finance documentation requirements including managing lender due diligence requirements
e) Improved Capacity in designing commercial, financing instruments, funding products, and “blended finance” strategies
f) Improved Ability to select and apply credit enhancement and guarantee products for project bankability
g) improved Understanding of the best practices for resolving project finance challenges in various infrastructure/sectors including – renewable energy; power transmission & energy pipelines; logistics & transport facilities;airports, ports, & roads; desalination plants; water & wastewater treatment facilities etc.
h) Understands the practical standards for designing & programming financial models for PF transactions,
data assumptions, financial statements, international accounting standards, and bankability measures
i) Understands the techniques for auditing project finance models prepared by other experts
j) Understand the application of models in guiding risks-allocation, credit enhancement instruments and
bankability metric


a) Limited-Recourse Project Financing Models & Transaction Management
b) Management of project documentation, Risk Analysis Models Mitigation Options
c) Financial Products, Guarantee Instruments, Credit Enhancements and Project Bankability
d) Overview of Financial Model Design Requirements & Work Plan Management
e) Advanced designing of Financial Models, including Programming Financial Statements and Interpreting
International Accounting Standards
f) Sensitivity Analyses of Financial Models Simulation Analyses, and Modelling for Credit Enhancements

Course Starts

May 5, 2025

Course Ends

May 9, 2025

Course Duration

5 Days, Entebbe, Uganda


1000 USD

Registration Deadline

April 22, 2025

Target Participants

Energy and water Utilities managers, regulators (NRIs) and Customers

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