Executive Training on Energy Leadership

Why This Course?

Good governance starts with a well-functioning board of directors at the heart of a company’s corporate governance framework. It is crucial to ensure all other governance components are working effectively. For example, the East African energy (Electricity and Petroleum) sectors have undergone significant restructuring over the decades. Various programs have triggered this development to liberalise and restructure to promote competition and enhance effective regulation.

Therefore, this course will cover the fundamental concepts of competitive electricity markets, Oil and Gas markets, regulation, design of both petroleum and electricity markets and the EAC Energy Union concept. Additionally, the executives will learn about oversight, risk governance and etiquette.

The Energy Executive training is based on a  comprehensive curriculum aimed at helping participants build in-depth knowledge in energy, leadership skills, a strategic mindset, global vision, etiquette and professional networks.

This programme is designed for current and future executive and non-executive Board Members and Senior Executives. It will equip them to effectively discharge their individual and collective governance roles, responsibilities and accountabilities and lead the organisation to success and sustainability through governance excellence.

What You Will Learn

  1. Understanding of energy supply and demand
  2. Understanding the energy market trends and complexity.
  3. Basics of electricity markets and petroleum pipelines
  4. Corporate governance and etiquette
  5. Strategic Change Leadership


Course Starts

February 7, 2024

Course Ends

February 9, 2024

Course Duration

3 Days


1500 USD

Registration Deadline

February 1, 2024

Target Participants

Board members, Chief Executive Officers, Director General and directors of various corporate institutions

AcademyLearning Approach & Outcome

Live Classes

This Course offers different interaction  and training levels depending on previous Knowledge, experience and time spent on the course.

Knowledge Hub

We offer a centralized aggregated data hub in the fields of Energy particularly in fields of electricity, gas and Petroleum, which are accessible to all participants.

Current & Customised Courses

This course is customised to the needs of the African Energy landscape and offers practical field applications for leaders and workers in the Energy sector.


We offer Certificates of achievement and keep records after our courses are completed which are fully verifiable online.