Communication Skills and Energy Reporting II

Course Overview:

Effective communication is critically important for all organisations. Strengthening the role of media to promote sustainable energy is a key driver of competitiveness in our fast-moving business world. Through this course, reporters, journalists and communication experts will jointly study and discuss policy, technical and social issues of energy development and its implication in the East African Region.

The course will prepare these experts to cover international energy markets, at every level, from physical crude to Geo-political implications and equip them with the necessary tools to fully and adequately cover energy markets.

They will learn valuable skills such as market jargon, and energy market reporting, thus enabling them to produce stories at the level implement these projects expected of international news agencies, and specialist energy publications.

The course will provide the participant with a strong understanding of the basic types of energy sources, energy unions, energy transition, energy security, regulation, energy trade, energy supply geopolitics and future energy trends.

Course Outcomes

After the course, participants will have a deeper appreciation of corporate communication,apply different techniques and tools to implement an effective corporate communication program and plan and execute corporate communication programs and campaigns internally and externally. Additionally, they will have a better understanding of the novel energy sector and its associated policy bottlenecks, as well as how well to engage the stakeholders.


  1. Apply different techniques and tools to implement an effective corporate communication program
  2. Plan and execute corporate communication programs and campaigns internally and externally
  3. Identify and utilize specialist areas in corporate communication
  4. Employ corporate communication in new organizational developments
  5. Effective Business Writing
  6. Understanding of energy supply and demand
  7. How to cover a complex breaking energy-based story in a structured and relevant way
  8. Ability to understand market jargon and turn it into clear, informative copy
  9. Ability to analyse risk and assess geo-political fallout from energy-based news
  10. Tips and guidelines to cover breaking news in a team
  11. Basics of electricity markets

Course Starts

May 27, 2024

Course Ends

May 31, 2024

Course Duration

5 Days


1000 USD

Registration Deadline

Target Participants

Journalists and Communication Practitioners, media houses, Corporate Communications / Managers, Public Relations Officers / Managers, Marketing Officers

AcademyLearning Approach & Outcome

Live Classes

This Course offers different interaction  and training levels depending on previous Knowledge, experience and time spent on the course.

Knowledge Hub

We offer a centralized aggregated data hub in the fields of Energy particularly in fields of electricity, gas and Petroleum, which are accessible to all participants.

Current & Customised Courses

This course is customised to the needs of the African Energy landscape and offers practical field applications for leaders and workers in the Energy sector.


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